The world has changed for all Australian’s, the things we took for granted in the past are no longer possible as we as a nation wait out this virus.

It has left millions of Australians in their homes, their daily routines disrupted and has created an entirely new family environment, one that will create new stresses and anxieties as we all deal with our new reality.

Although everyone’s situation is different here are my tips to help manage isolation with your partner or family:

  • Stick with routines – part of the importance of staying well during these times is to create an environment that is safe and predictable. Routines around sleep, sharing chores, eating, exercise and time to connect with each other are important now more than ever.
  • Stay connected – it’s easy to start to feel overwhelmed with all that is going on around us. Relationships take energy to nurture them. Don’t stop with the use of friendliness or kind word with each other. Even a big smile directed at your partner or family member is powerful in terms of lifting the mood.
  • Understand Needs – Be aware of the concerns between you as a couple or in the family and work together on solutions. If anyone is working from home then create the environment so that you can do so with the least amount of disruption.
  • Get out of the house – If you are virus free and it is permitted under the social distancing rules then get the family out of the house, take the dog for a walk, throw or kick a ball at the park, do what you can to break up the monotony. 
  • Create a Sanctuary – Even the most in love couples or happy families need space at times, so create a sanctuary, whether it’s a chair, the spare room or the patio out the back… a place where you can get a break to read a book, meditate – whatever you need to stay sane! 

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