As the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 continues with no indication as to where it is or what happened to the 239 passengers and crew, the world is fascinated with this intriguing event that has aviation experts puzzled and no answers in sight.

While there are no answers at this time despite extensive searching involving numerous countries, the families of the missing persons that have been left behind are going through the excruciating experience of not knowing whether their loved ones are dead or alive.

Australia Counselling member Sarah Wayland was interviewed by the ABC Radio National show Life Matters about the experience of people who are dealing with a missing person.

In this interview, Sarah discusses:

  • what is ambiguous loss and how we respond to ‘not knowing’
  • how families of missing persons oscillate between hopefulness and hopelessness
  • the importance of normalising grief reactions, such as hope and despair
  • how do you grieve when you have no answers, no funeral and no closure
  • how the relationship changes with the missing person over time
  • the importance of validating your own emotions, whatever they are
  • finding the the right path for you to grieve and hope at the same time

Click here to listen to the recording on Radio National.

photo credit: happyrelm

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