Australia Counselling member Colleen Morris was recently featured on the Profitable Hospitality Podcast  speaking about how to manage alcohol and drug issues in the workplace.

Ken Burgin, the owner of asked Colleen lots of interesting questions about how managers and those that work with others in the hospitality industry can manage employees that may be struggling with a drug or alcohol issue in the workplace.

Colleen shares lots of insights including:

  • what defines a drug or alcohol dependence issue
  • what to do if your employee has an alcohol or drug issue
  • how managers can talk to their employees about alcohol and drugs
  • policies and procedures to consider having in your workplace
  • the different treatment options for employers and employees
  • the value and benefits of counselling in the treatment of drug and alcohol issues

This is an important issue that all employers may have to deal with at one time or another, and the content in this interview applies to any workplace that requires the management of staff and employees.

Listen to the interview above or visit the original replay page here.

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