This interview is with Australia Counselling member Matt Glover.

If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex person (LGBTI) person or you know one, you probably know that the coming out experience is unique for every person.

LGBTI people as a whole can suffer from poor mental health as a result of experiencing homophobia, abuse, rejection and harassment that can lead to serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction and suicide.

Australia Counselling member and Melbourne psychotherapist Matt Glover has dedicated his Melbourne counselling and psychotherapy practice to advocating for the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI people.

He has taken a fascinating journey as a former Baptist minister for 14 years where he was staggered by the poor levels of mental health and the high levels of suicide of LGBTI people.

In this interview Matt answers:

  • What are some of the unique challenges LGBTI people experience?
  • What are the mistaken assumptions people often make about LGBTI people?
  • What is coming out like for a LGBTI person?
  • How can friends and family cope when a LGBTI loved one is coming out?
  • What are some of the stages of coming out for an LGBTI person?
  • Why are LGBTI people at such high risk for poor mental health?
  • How can we best support a LGBTI person who is coming out?

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About Matt Glover

Matt Glover LGBTI counsellor MelbourneDirector MGA Counselling Services
BSc (Hons), BTheol, GradDipTheol, M (Counselling)
M.A.C.A. (Level 2)
Accredited MHSS Trainer and ACT Therapist

Matt is an accredited counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and holds a Masters degree in counselling from Monash University. Since 1998 Matt has been involved in a variety of counselling and pastoral care roles ranging from home based health care to emergency relief and crisis support. Currently he is the director of MGA Counselling services and provides individual, couple, family and group counselling at the Croydon Hills and East Doncaster centres. Matt provides professional and personal development courses on a range of topics and speaks regularly at conferences and in the media on sexuality and mental health. Visit his website to find out more at