10 Saturday afternoons over twelve months exploring some of the secrets and delights of developing a lovely Garden!

Facilitated by:

Elisabeth van der Veer
Somatic psychotherapist, Leura

My Somatic Psychotherapy Practice is located in the middle of a lush green haven established over 18 years of caring and planning.

People enjoy spending time wandering through it, discovering unusual plants and resting on garden benches scattered around for observation, enjoyment and contemplation.

My interest and passion for life and the human condition which has brought me to work as a therapist extends to my interest and passion for gardening and I like to share this with others so more of us can discover the satisfaction of seeing and growing the endless possibilities of nature and the variety of the botanical world.

In a world where many are struggling with the pressures and worries of daily life, it is my intention to introduce you to the nurturing satisfaction of watching your garden grow.


Comments on the Setting

“What a lovely Garden you have here”

“Oh, this is just So Peaceful”

“Who designed your garden for you?”

“I have never seen a Night Heron that size”

“How did you manage to get the Lemon Tree to do that?”

“Oh, there are fishes in the pond!!!”


Who is This for??

If your world is manic and you need to find a refuge of tranquillity to restore your equilibrium.

When you don’t want to practice the conventional relaxation techniques yet it is time to find your way back to sanity.

If you’re not into knitting, scrap-booking, stamp collecting or watching sport on TV Saturday afternoons.

Maybe you’re not into gossip yet you’d like to exchange creative ideas.

You might be filled with wonder about the amazing variety in nature yet don’t have enthusiasm for bush walks.

Then this workshop is for you!!!

Invitation to you, Nature Lover

Over a period of twelve months, we will meet and share our passion and wonder about the miraculous variety which nature offers those who care to observe and are ready to discover.

By establishing a group of like minded individuals we will support each other to learn, develop and enrich our appreciation for the beauty of the world around us while in the process growing by watching, observing and noticing with wonder how the garden scape unfolds, changes and evolves.

Using journalling, creative expression, record keeping, photography and any other useful methods to unfold our skills in growing a wonderful garden giving us a sense of well being and bringing peace to us.

We will be meeting in the peaceful setting of my studio which is surrounded by the learning material of my beautiful garden.



1 Sept, 6 Oct, 10 Nov, 2018,

2 Feb2 Mar, 6 Apr, 4 May,

1 Jun6 Jul3 Aug, 2019

Hours: 2pm – 5pm total 30 hours



Pay as you go                        $75/session

Early bird 4 Aug 2018          $550.00

Full Fee                                  $600.00                                                             

Concession                           $500.00

EFT, Cash or Cheque made out to Elisabeth van der Veer


For more information or to register please contact Elisabeth here

Phone 02 4784 2553