Signs that your relationship is over

During conflicts, it can be quite difficult for us as humans to be objective enough and this is due to the pain and hurt we feel during such moments. Taking steps away from the conflict and reflecting on the relationship itself is usually the most fail-proof way to approach it. However, if the following signs have been prominent in your relationship for a while, that might just be a sign your partner is over you.

  1. Reduced communication: if you and your partner now talk less about things and would rather stay quiet around each other, just to avoid conflicts, this is a bad sign. You may also feel no need to work things out anymore and would rather sweep your issues under the carpet while you both deal with your frustration separately.
  2. Confrontational communication:  other than not talking to your partner at all, you two might be arguing more and constantly confronting and blaming each other without the intention of sorting it out. You and  your partner are now verbally abusive during arguments and if you are beginning to feel the need to be aggressive or passive-aggressive toward your partner during a conversation if stroll towards the end of the relationship
  3. Lack of intimacy: you no longer have any form of intimacy with your partner, both physical and sexual. Physical and sexual intimacy are important parts of a relationship. If your sex life is beginning to seem forced, it might be a sign of a relationship breakdown. Being touched by someone you love releases a hormone in your brain that induces the trust and bond between you two. Without intimacy, there  will be none of these in your relationship
  4. Constant doubt and lack of trust: all of a sudden, everything your partner says now sounds like lies and you hate to second-guess whatever they tell you. This might be a sign of unresolved issues or they might be lying to you. Either way, this could lead to the end of your relationship because trust is very important in keeping a relationship alive.
  5. Conflict avoidance: you now avoid important conversations, and blindly agree with each other just to keep the peace. This is an unhealthy habit that comes off as harmless but it could ruin the whole relationship
  6. If you now enjoy staying out longer, spending the weekends with your friends, or running extra shifts at work, this could mean you no longer enjoy the company of your partner and would rather stay away from them.

How to end a relationship?

The presence of these unhappy relationship signs symbolizes the end of a relationship and you probably should address them with your partner. If you can no longer stay in the relationship, this is how to go about ending it:

  1. First, you have to tell your partner how you feel and why you can no longer stay in the relationship. Do not wait this out, end the relationship as soon as you feel it has already ended. Do not be scared of hurting your partner or being alone after the breakup.
  2. It is advisable to end the relationship in person, if possible. This way there will be no unturned stones and moving on will be easier for you
  3. Be explicit and honest with your reasons. Your partner might already feel the same way lying about your reasons to make them feel good will just leave them in a false state of mind
  4. Do not give mixed signals. Saying goodbye can be hard but ending it more assertively makes it easy for you two to understand it is the end and move on.

How to let go of a relationship?

After crossing the first hurdle, which is breaking up, getting over and letting go completely is usually the hardest part. Most people go back to toxic relationships just because they could not let go completely.

  1. Embrace the healing process: heartbreaks come with several emotions that will leave you in an emotional rut. Tiring to suppress these emotions will most likely lead to a longer and more depressing healing process. Allow yourself to feel and heal at your own pace. You should understand that these feelings are temporal.
  2. Do not dwell on the things you went through in your past relationship, it is okay to admit the thing you’ve been through but dwelling on your ex’s negative attributes will only breed anger, which is damaging to your mental health, within you
  3. Try out new things; in relationships, it is easy to be occupied with your partner most time. Now that you are single, it is a good time to pursue the things you love and go after the things you’ve abandoned during your relationship. This will help you feel whole and create an identity of your own
  4. Resist the urge to go back to your ex. Loneliness is a very common feeling people get lonely after a breakup, this is not a reason to go back to one’s ex because most times it always ends up being the same way it was before.
  5. If you ever feel the need to get professional help with healing from the trauma of the relationship, you should consider getting therapy.
  6. Do not be too quick to try to get into a new relationship. You might just be feeling the need for a rebound and not an actual partner. You won’t only end up pushing your healing process but you are also going to end up hurting whoever it is you try to use as a rebound.


Signs that your relationship is coming to an end can be scary and depressing. The thought of losing someone you’ve shared so much with is just as depressing but leaving is usually better than staying in a relationship that has already failed. There is no excuse for staying in a toxic relationship.