Christmas is a holiday that is generally spent with family and loved ones. Yet there are many people who find themselves alone on Christmas due to a number of reasons. According to Samantha Aldridge, who is the Executive Director of Practice at Relationships Australia, “Christmas time can be a wonderful, joyful time of the year for many and it can be a painful reminder of what some people no longer have. Many parents will experience their first Christmas away from their children or partner due to separation or divorce, some people are recently widowed or in general isolation from their family and friends due to work circumstances.”

Whatever the reason maybe, no one wants to be lonely at Christmas. However sometimes you don’t really have a choice, and even if you can’t celebrate Christmas with your family, there is no reason to give up on this occasion of merriment and festivity. You can always create your very own ‘Christmas special’ and make the most out of this ‘holiday loneliness for singles’.

The first thing you should realise is that you aren’t the only one who is alone at Christmas. According to a recent survey conducted by Relationships Australia, around 15 percent of the country’s population admitted feeling lonely at this time of the year.

Look for people in your social circle who are feeling left out during this festive season and host a party for all the lonely singles. Decorate your house in accordance with the Christmas theme and have a great time with people you can relate with.

Additionally, you can always sign up for volunteer work to feel good about yourself. Statistics reveal that many elderly people are forgotten during holidays. You can participate in their lives and make them feel special. “Christmas is a nice reminder to be grateful for the people you cherish in your life, and a time to be kind to the people around you who are not so fortunate, or may be feeling a little down and lonely”, says Samantha Aldridge.

Treat yourself well during Christmas. Eat right, participate in healthy sports and exercise, and get around to all those things you had put off till the ‘right time’. According to Mind, which is a mental health organisation, it is very important to not neglect ones mental and physical health during holidays. Keep yourself busy and you won’t get the time for getting depressed about your Christmas situation. Apart from making plans, you can always stay in touch with your loved ones on the telephone and video chat. You can shop for your loved ones as well to stay connected with them and if you send them their gifts in time, you can even witness their joy on receiving those gifts using modern means of communication.

Furthermore, you can take an exciting tour of the city on Christmas day and join in the outdoor Christmas festivities. Go to the beach, dress up as Santa for kids, go to the zoo, play your rusty piano; the possibilities are endless. With the right frame of mind, you can achieve your ideal Christmas away from your family.

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