Healing Inner Conflict (HIC) offers a template for understanding the four basic behaviours clients deal with.
Child Mechanism – Not being able to express themselves freely due to internal criticism attampting to protect them from external criticism.

Adolescent Mechanism – Saying and doing things insensitively/aggressively that you regret later.
Adult Mechanism – Not expressing anger in a healthy way leading to passive aggression.
Self-Medication/Distraction – Attempting to feel better by using or doing things that you know are not good for you in order not to feel the emotional pain. (suicidality in extremis)

HIC offers a way to work with clients that is simple, easily understood and gets results in the minimum amount of time. There are eight floorcards that create a template that allows a client to be able to follow their own process (with a little help from you) The four mechanisms literally reveal themselves as the client follows their momentary signals.
By the end of the workshop you will know, how to notice the four mechanisms, how to help someone follow the eight card template and how to help someone intervene internally in order to bring the healing that the four mechanisms are calling for. This internal healing process is what makes HIC ‘state of the art’ as it offer tangible results that the client feels immediately.


David (Bhakti) Gotlieb


May 2, 9am-5pm [NSW]


Suite 2, 646 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, NSW 2100

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