Have you been having problems sleeping lately? Does it feel harder to banish dark thoughts at nighttime? Well, you aren’t the only one. Here are a few nuggets, tricks, and tips that will help make your anxiety a thing of the past.

Sleep is a super necessary part of healthy living, and it has been stated constantly that a healthy sleeping pattern should not be taken for granted. That’s because there’s nothing remarkable about depriving yourself of well-deserved sleep, and forming it as a habit is a recipe for disaster. However, a lot of people do not deprive themselves of sleep just for the fun of it. They are merely a part of the millions of people with anxiety issues, and those night terrors can’t seem to disappear.

Come to think of it; there’s so much to be anxious about by the time you lay your head to sleep at night. It is at that time that you worry about whether your pet is up to no good, whether your children are safe in college, and whether your boss would be feeling peachy the next day. Such anxious moments would only lead to one thing, you losing sleep and whatever item you’re worried about most likely not happening. We understand what you are going through, as we have been there a couple of times. That’s why we will be making suggestions, doling out tips, and hopefully, you’ll be in a much better place at the end of the night. So without further ado, let’s get to defeating some night terrors but first, a question. 

So what can I do to calm down to get some sleep?

Well, first thing’s first, there’s no substitute for seeking help from a mental health professional. An anxiety or trauma therapist, in particular, can help work with you to reduce your anxiety and panic symptoms. However, here are a few things that you could do before and after seeking help from a professional.

1. Limit your nighttime screen time

You might have heard about the travails that come with blue light exposure, and it is quickly becoming a long-term menace to society. However, it could be highly detrimental to your health in the short term, no thanks to sleep anxiety. Limiting your exposure to smartphones and laptops is the way to go, as it would help you sleep longer and better. What’re more, social media messages popping up never did favors for healthy sleep. As such, it’s essential to observe a personal screen curfew and stick to the plan.

2. Do not lay awake in bed

Your bed isn’t an extension of your workplace, and laying on your bed means that you need shut-eye. Lying awake will merely afford your brain time to start another wildfire of worries and anxieties rather than falling asleep. Thus, if you cannot fall asleep after twenty minutes or thereabouts, try exercise or restarting your bedtime routine. You could also do things that keep you relaxed while on your bed. Such items include but aren’t limited to nestling your pet, reading a book, and sipping a cup of tea.

3. Try to go to bed at the same timeframe all through the week

Practice makes perfect, and you can only build up a routine if you concentrate on getting it right. There are no two ways about it, and the sooner you work on a steady sleep pattern, the better for you as an individual. “Each of us is equipped with a 24-hour internal body clock known as our circadian rhythm that tells our mind when to rest and when to be alert, but it craves consistency,” according to Bill Fish, a sleep science coach and general manager at The Sleep Foundation. Sleeping at a fixed time all through the week will do wonders for your sleep anxiety issues, and you will be on the path to a blissful shut-eye. It’s essential to wake up at the same time every day, too, even if you have a terrible night’s sleep.

Now that we’ve gone through the motions on how to calm down to get some sleep. How about if that doesn’t get the desired results, and you are still restless at bedtime. Well, you could try the next best thing.

Checkout de-stress oriented products.

Here are a few de-stress products that have been noted to ease the mind, improve sleep, and seemingly banish those night terrors.

1. Homely Scented Candles

Scented candles are undoubtedly one of the best inventions for easing a person’s mind, and they work wonders when used correctly. These candles are aesthetically pleasing, they are lovely scenting, and they can change the aura of a room. Also, they are known to give off a scent reminiscent of better times, smoother periods, and a blissful environment. Using them when you are about to sleep could be significantly beneficial, especially when stressed out. Just try breathing, not to overdo it or light too many simultaneously; remember, too much of a good thing could turn out detrimental.

2. Soothing audiobooks

Many people have spoken about how reading eases their minds and makes sleeping a more natural occurrence. However, it isn’t everyone that is a fan of holding up a book and reading it till sleep comes. Thankfully there’s an alternative, as soothing audiobooks exist for a reason. Thanks to technology, you can now listen to your favorite books without an issue, you can do that without picking up a hardcover, and you don’t need to bat an eyelid.

3. Calming Podcasts

Streaming platforms have taken over the way we listen to music and our favorite voices. They have also given individuals a plethora of choices at an affordable rate across the board. Some of these choices include the most calming podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and the likes. These podcasts are an intelligent choice if you are looking to get some well-deserved sleep or even if you merely want to ease your mind. These podcasts range from nature, sports, fashion, music, and the likes; seemingly limitless possibilities.


Sleeping when stressed out isn’t an easy task for anyone, no matter how disciplined or focused you think you are. That’s because sleep is such a natural action, and the slightest distraction could cause a bad reaction. That’s why we gave you these strings of nuggets, tips, and solutions. If you follow them judiciously, they will likely put you well on your way to having a blissful sleep and a lovely day. Remember, everyone, deserves a good night’s rest, and so do you!