In a recent episode of the ABC television show 4 Corners: Bringing the War Home, reporter Quentin McDermott discussed the distressing issue of thousands of our service men and women who are returning from war zones with trauma and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

In this epsiode of 4 Corners, Exposure Therapy was discussed as a therapeutic approach to dealing with trauma and PTSD. However, the reality is Exposure Therapy is effective for some people, but not for others. The problem is some patients find Exposure Therapy as deeply re-traumatising and reliving the original traumatic events are just too unbearable.

So what other trauma therapies and therapeutic approaches are available for those that have experienced traumatic events or are suffering from PTSD?

To get the answers, we spoke to Australia Counselling member Roby Abeles, who is a integrative psychotherapist and trauma specialist.

As it turns out there are quite a few effective PTSD treatments including:

Sadly, it seems Australia has been slow to catch up with the United States, which has been offering these effective trauma and PTSD treatments to war veterans for many years.

Listen to Dr Roby Abeles in the audio interview above as she speaks about the most effective therapeutic treatments available today for people struggling with trauma and PTSD.

About Roby Abeles:

Roby Abeles Sydney psychotherapist Mosman

Dr Roby Abeles is a Sydney integrative psychotherapist and trauma specialist who provides cutting-edge knowledge and training for corporate, specialty groups and individual consultations on a wide range of therapeutically related topics.  Some of these include: humane, effective treatment for trauma, and addiction; symptomology resulting from the as yet, unprocessed effects of overwhelming experience to the nervous system; ADD/ADHD, BiPolar and other variations of anxiety and depression, medical syndromes and symptoms including migraines, myoclonic tinnitus, chronic fatigue. Find out more at

You can also listen to Dr Roby Abeles talk about Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing on previous interviews on Australia Counselling.

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