Australia Counselling received an award from the Australian service, and ranked among the top 25 of the most popular health and fitness services for 2022. Our platform was recognized for its dedication to the provision of mental health support available to all Australians.

Australia Counselling is dedicated to closing the gap between therapists and their clients. They discovered the necessity of a comprehensive directory where therapists across Australia could be accessed anytime and anywhere. They also aim to provide prompt online access to many professional therapists and improve awareness and circulation of resources pertaining to mental health.

Australia Counselling has provided real-time solutions to many Australians all over the world. They have managed to bridge the gap between therapists and clients across Australia and their efforts have been rewarded with a beautiful award that marks the beginning of their journey to the number one health and fitness service in all of Australia.

It would be a great pleasure for everyone at Australia Counselling as they express their gratitude to their partner the PDP (Professional Development People) and their partnership which offers a 10% discount off any of their professional development training events in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Australia Counselling’s partnership with the PDP (Professional Development People) provides a platform for added benefits for its members and connects members with high-quality professionals in Australia psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, and some other professional mental health practitioners.

Australia Counselling’s partnership with the PDP (Professional Development People) has impacted lots of its members positively and their continuous partnership would be the first step towards global success and impact. Receiving this award has not been all about Australia Counselling, their partners and members have been a huge contribution to this ceremony and they are grateful to them and hope for a continuous positive relationship.

The PDP (Professional Development People) is dedicated to supporting professional communities and facilitating their development and improvement. They are committed to providing the highest quality training and development opportunities and their events build an environment where specialized knowledge can be shared and developed.

The PDP’s (Professional Development People) mission aligns with that of Australia Counselling and their partnership has had a meaningful impact on so many Australians. For members who have not yet benefited from the partnership, getting a discount with the PDP (Professional Development People) is quite simple, and stepwise directions are available on the Australia counselling site.

Australia Counselling’s heartfelt gratitude would not be complete without recognizing their specialists. They have been an amazing contribution and have ensured prompt and professional delivery and assistance. There would be no business without customers and Australia counselling is extremely glad to have made a positive impact on its members and hope to make a more massive impact throughout Australia.

Professional counsellors, therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists looking to join Australia counselling, may join Australia Counselling’s directory of registered counselors in Australia and create their profiles through the website.

Australia Counselling’s importance cannot be overemphasized as they strive to make the world a much safer place by helping as many people as possible. Their impact on people’s lives has been quite substantial and their partners, customers and specialists have been treated with utmost dignity and respect. They have fostered an incredible customer relationship, specialist relationships, and partner relationships.

Australia Counselling’s platform has been able to save lives through therapy and mental health advice through interactions with specialists and or through useful resources such as detailed and properly researched articles on conditions and their remedies.

The relevance of platforms for mental health care in this day and age is tremendous. This means that customers are just a click away from getting the help that would change their lives for the better. Back in the day, mental health care was almost non-existent and deemed untreatable at times. However, with the growing civilization, the importance of mental health care services is of vital significance to maintaining a good quality of life. Australia Counselling is one of those relevant platforms and has marked their massive achievement with this award as it set their sights on a grander stage to impact lives globally.

The eagerness to help people in need of delicate attention is not lost on the Australia Counselling team. Their dogged dedication to development is a noteworthy trait. They have always strived to be a much better version of themselves every passing minute.

Australia Counselling is Australia’s leading guide to finding registered counsellors, psychologists or psychotherapists and they are quoted in the media on a wide range of topics in tandem with mental wellbeing and mental health.

Australia Counselling possesses more than 200 members having a wide range of psychotherapy experience as well as counselling experience. These members specialize in several areas of mental health, mental wellness and mental psychology. Australia Counselling is able to connect members with specialists that can provide adequate and accurate leading research and expert comments on quite a number of psychological issues. A good number of Australia Counselling specialists have had media training and are quite skilled at public speaking or speaking to a journalist on television or the radio.

Australia Counselling also offers expert commentary on mental health, mental wellbeing and psychological issues.

There is the fastest growing counselling directory for psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and mental health therapists. Their website has a user-friendly interface and members can make advanced searches for therapists via their area of practice, name, language or therapeutic approach. Having such variety at one’s disposal allows for a more effective and efficient approach to mental health care.

Australia Counselling also provides access to their extensive library of mental health articles which are of course properly documented and touch a variety of subjects, issues and topics to assist people in improving their mental and general wellbeing.

To get started on the Australia Counselling page, firstly, you search for a counsellor via a specific location. Searching for counsellors is quick and easy, by clicking on the region where you live or work, the counselor and therapists nearest to you will then show up on the google map almost instantaneously. If you are looking for a counsellor via their area of practice or specialization on a particular subject or issue, you are to use the main search bar on Australia counselling’s homepage. It is also important to note that you can easily make a hybrid search for practice, area of location and or keywords.

With easy, quick and reliable interfaces on the Australia Counselling website, members find it easy to locate and identify counsellors, therapists, or mental health care practitioners of their choice with the appropriate specialization for their situation rather than sieving through an endless supply of practitioners of different fields. The site also allows its members to filter their search results and from there, their counsellors and therapists are just an email or phone call away.

Some counsellors on Australia Counselling’s website offer online bookings. This allows members to have a set time dedicated for their meeting and ensure both the client and the specialist would be available to discuss properly and extensively.

As earlier mentioned, there are several counsellors and therapists with specialization in different fields at Australia Counselling. Some of these specialized counsellors and therapists include:

  • Psychotherapist – These professionals use talk therapy to treat people suffering from mental illnesses or emotional problems. They are able to perform assessments and give appropriate treatments based on the condition of their patients.
  • Psychologist – These professionals study behavior, cognitive, emotional and social processes by observing and understanding how individuals relate to their environment and one another.
  • Counsellor – Counsellors are professionals trained to give guidance and advice on personal or psychological issues. There are also specializations in this field. Some of which are: relationship counsellors, financial counsellors, family therapy, school counsellor, rehabilitation counselling and many more.

Australia Counselling has these registered and credible therapists in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Tasmania, Perth, Brisbane and many other regional areas of Australia.

Australia Counselling is very pleased to acquire such a prestigious award and are looking to make this award one they would cherish as they use it to set the stage for their greater achievements to come. Australia Counselling offers their sincere gratitude to their partners, member associations, customers and specialists.

The Australia Counselling journey has not been completely hitch free but their dedication to helping people and supporting Australians through mental health care and counselling has been and will always be a motivation to keep going down the road to global success and they hope to make a more positive impact on the lives of people.

Becoming the number one mental health and fitness service in Australia is more than a dream for Australia Counselling and their dedication to development has been recognized. Striving for excellence and growth is paramount to achieving the dreams Australia Counselling has set out for themselves and they are proud to receive this award which is a testament to the dedication and hard work they have put in.