This is the archives page for Australian Counselling newsletters that are sent to the counsellors as part of their membership. Our newsletters are packed with lots of information from how to optimise your profile to attract clients and to marketing tips and tutorials on how to build your therapy business.

If you think you missed one of our newsletters, you can review them below, by year and month.

July 2011 Refer 3 Colleagues and get 3-Months Extra Membership

July 2011 The Top 10 Tips for Creating a Client-Attracting Counselling Profile

August 2011 The Benefits of Listing on a Counselling Directory 

August 2011 Is Technophobia Hurting Your Therapy Business?

September 2011 Are Your Scared to Invest in Your Therapy Practice?

September 2011 The 5 Most Common Website Mistakes of Counsellors, Therapists & Psychologists

October 2011 The Essential Pages of Your Counselling or Therapy Website

October 2011 The 10 Most Common Myths of Online Appointment Schedulers

November 2011 5 Full Slate Video Tutorials: Online Appointment Bookings

December 2011 WordPress Therapy and Counselling Websites: Frequently Asked Questions

December 2011 5 Fab Features of WordPress Therapy Website

January 2012 Creating a Video for Your Counselling Profile in 4 Easy Steps

January 2012 Healthcare Websites: 55 Things you can do with WordPress

February 2012 How to use Facebook Ads to Fill Your Therapy Groups and Workshops in 5 Easy Steps

February 2012 Your Premium Content is Now Available

March 2012 Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma with Somatic Experiencing

March 2012 6 Website Trends Therapists Need to Know: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

April 2012 Happy Easter from Australia Counselling

April 2012 Newsletter: Therapy Networking and Community Marketing: 6 Tips to Grow Your Practice [Part 1 & 2]

May 2012 A No-Charge Therapy Conference?

May 2012 Trauma Approaches to Healing That Work

May 2012 Gay Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician

June 2012 How Does Trauma Affect the Brain?

June 2012 Dr Rick Hanson Speaks with Australia Counselling

June 2012 Newsletter: The Most Common Marketing Mistakes Costing You Clients

June 2012 How to Help Couples Move from Fusion to Connection

June 2012 LIVE Marketing Q & A Call, Friday June 29, 2012