Australia Counselling is thrilled to announce the launch this week of it’s completely redesigned website!

Searching for an Australian counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist has never been easier with our gorgeous mobile-responsive design that adapts to any computer screen or mobile device.

The website redesign has been one year in the planning and taken six months to fully implement.

Our goal was to make searching for a counsellor or therapist as simple as possible across desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

When you arrive at the Australia Counselling website, you can start searching for a counsellor via keyword, location or issue.

search Australia Counselling Directory

Type any keyword, such as a counsellor’s name, or the office location you prefer. There are also over 79 issues you can browse to find the counsellors that specialise in your particular problem.

Find a counsellor via location

When you search for a counsellor via location, our Geolocation and Google Maps technology will show all the counsellors within a particular geographic area of a Google Map, where you can zoom in and out and hover over pins to see all our counsellors and exactly where they are.

find a counsellor on Australia Counselling

Filtering the search results to find the counsellor that’s right for you

You can easily filter your search results so you can get much more specific about the counsellor you’re after.

In the left hand sidebar of the search results, you can filter your search results via:

  • Therapeutic Approach
  • Counsellor Type
  • Area of Practice or Issue
  • Postcode
  • Suburb
  • Language
  • Amenities

filter Australia Counselling search results

Counselling profiles

Once you click on the preview window of one of the counselling profiles, you can then read information about the counsellor including how they work, office address, phone number, website, social media accounts, client focus and amenities. Some of our counsellors offer online bookings from within their profile.

You can easily contact any counsellor via email by clicking on the email icon under the counsellor’s photo.

Australia Counselling Profile`

Frequently asked questions about counselling

And if you’re not sure of how to choose a counsellor that’s right for you, you can read our FAQs including:

Wellbeing articles

We have a large library of self-help articles so you can find out more about how to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Click through to some of our most popular topics on the Home page, or go to the blog to browse through many of our articles.

Wellbeing articles

We hope you enjoy the improvements to the Australia Counselling Directory.

Our mission is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians and our new website is a big step in that direction.

Search for a registered counsellor, therapist or psychologist now!

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