information about Australia Counselling Podcast interviewsThank you for joining me for a Podcast interview – a great opportunity to reach therapists, counsellors and mental health professionals throughout the world.

The Australia Counselling Podcast focuses on clinical and practice-building issues for therapists and counsellors. We generally alternate each episode focusing on a clinical issue or a practice-building issue. As of September 2015, we have produced 91 episodes and received over 50,000 downloads, so we have an extensive reach amongst therapists in Australia and across the world.

You can see our previous episodes on our website, or in iTunes, where you can subscribe to the podcast.

We will be creating ‘good radio’ to discuss how therapists can improve their clinical knowledge and skills, as well as show how a successful business works and give information about the latest trends and industry best practice. It will be inspiration for new therapists, as well as those who have been in practice for a long time.

So we can create a high-quality recording, please carefully read the following:

Be in a Quiet Space: everything around you will be heard by people listening to the interview, so ideally you will be in a quiet room with the phone off the hook, mobile on silent and the dog outside (if you have one). We will check this before starting.

Skype Interviews: you’ve probably used Skype to talk with people interstate or overseas. This will be just the same, and will be recorded at my end. I will send you a list of discussion points before hand, and lead the questions, but it’s very much a relaxed and casual conversation.

My Skype name is ‘clintonpowercounselling’ – please add me as a contact a day or two before the interview and also let me know your Skype name so I can add if you if you have any problems finding my Skype profile. We will talk for a few minutes before we start so I can make sure the sound is working properly. If there are any edits needed, I will do them afterwards.

Phone interviews: If you don’t have Skype, or don’t have a good quality headset or microphone, I can call you on your phone and record the interview. It is preferable I call you on a landline to make sure we have consistent call quality, but a mobile phone is also possible. Just let me know.

headset for Australia Counselling Podcast interviewsIMPORTANT: to get the best quality from Skype: 

  • Please close down all other applications if possible eg browser, excel, iTunes etc, so Skype has all the computer resources it needs.
  • Set your Skype to “do not disturb’, close your email program and any other programs with sound notifications as these computer sounds will come through to the recording.
  • Use a ‘wired’ (ethernet) internet connection if possible rather than wifi – not always possible but preferred if you can as we will get a better quality connection.
  • Turn off any notifications that might pop-up with a PING while we’re talking – we will hear them on the recording!
  • Microphone Headset – for best sound quality, you will need to have a ‘Skype’ style headphone, with a USB connection. NOT one with a camera – this will be an audio recording only, not video. There are good ones available from Microsoft and Logitech – check the range at Officeworks or an electronics shop. This headset from Amazon is less than $30 and gives excellent call quality.
  • If you don’t have a headset, you can also use a good quality microphone such as this one. If you plan on doing regular interviews, investing in a good quality microphone will benefit you for years to come.
  • The inbuilt microphone in your pc or laptop is generally not sufficient. Poor quality sound becomes very distracting for people listening – think of how quickly you switch off a radio station that has a badly-recorded interview. If you have an Apple Mac, the sound from their inbuilt microphone is generally good, but a headset or microphone is better.

During and after the interview:

  • Editing: YES we will edit out any mistakes you make! – a few umms and aahs are OK, that’s natural. But if you lose track of your thoughts or want to say something in a different way, just say so and leave a couple of seconds silence before you repeat it – this makes it easy to edit. We go through and edit each recording afterwards to make sure it all sounds good. 🙂
  • Links and ‘show notes’ – links to your website or sites mentioned in the interview will be on the Australia Counselling Podcast replay page, with the relevant recording link. I will also ask you at the end of the interview how people can contact you – this is another opportunity to mention your website or blog, social media profiles and any products you have.
  • Photo: Please send me a high quality headshot of yourself for the replay page before our interview.
  • Bio: Please send me a short bio in the 3rd person under 150 words with links to your website and social media accounts for the show notes.
  • AFTER the Podcast is published – now’s the time to promote it on your website and social media channels. Australia Counselling will be promoting it widely on our social media accounts and newsletter.
  • Post a link to the podcast post: Feel free to link to your interview in your newsletter and share the replay on your own social media accounts.
  • embed an Australia Counselling podcastEmbed the recording: You can ’embed’ the podcast player on your own website or blog – click on the Embed link button the SoundCloud player and copy the code (see the image to the right). If you post it on a web page, include a quote of something important you said in the interview.
  • Include a list of questions you answered: this is a great way to show the importance of what you talked about.
  • The Australia Counselling Podcast – you can listen to previous podcasts on the Australia Counselling iTunes channel or on the web at Australia Counselling.

I looks forward to interviewing you soon!


Clinton Power, founder of Australia Counselling

Clinton Power
Founder, Australia Counselling