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Adolescents and the Importance of Boundaries with Teenagers


One thing which defines the teenage years for most parents is a difficult time with discipline as well as boundaries. Teenagers want to assert their independence, and it could oftentimes be conflict with those rules you have established for your family. Handling these conflicts positively will be crucial and will set a great example for… read more

Dementia: An Overview of Symptoms and Treatment


Dementia is a disorder in which major deterioration in several cognitive functions from the patient’s previous intellectual level occur. The Australian government announced dementia as a health priority in 2005 with about 250,000 Australians suffering from this disease, and expectations of the patient count in Australia to rise to over 730,000 by 2050. The likelihood… read more

Compulsive Overeating and Binge Eating: Bulimia Nervosa


Compulsive Overeating and Binge Eating are the most common eating disorders.  These are food addictions that are similar yet distinct in character.  Compulsive overeating is characterised by persistent fantasies about food.  Food has an irresistible allure to the compulsive overeater because it is associated with a happy or psychologically satisfying experience, either in the past or… read more